TV at Work?
Netflix asked SurveyMonkey to find out how often and where folks are watching its streaming media services. 37% of respondents say they’ve watched Netflix at work. Obviously, this depends on the type of work one does for a living. Corporate and salaried positions seem to be the ones most likely to be able to multitask like this. Most employees, salaried or not, check their personal social media, email, and telephone calls and texts at work. Most workplaces allow a radio or even have a TV up in the lobby or break room. So, what’s the difference? Like the radio, the main concern is the speaker level and making sure the content is appropriate for the workplace.
Interestingly, 12% of respondents also admitted to watching a show or movie in public restrooms, and public transportation had 30-45% watching on buses, trains, and airplanes. 12% also admit to missing a bus or train stop due to being enthralled in a streaming show.
Numerous other studies have proven that certain background sounds and noises can lead to higher productivity. There’s even a cottage industry producing background noise devices. Could the TV be one of these productivity – inducing utilities? Perhaps.
What do you think? Do you like something playing in the background at work?
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