Frustrated that there’s always too much work left at the end of the day? To make your next workday more productive, try a few of these easy tips.

1. Declutter your desk. This clears your mind and helps you find things quicker.
2. While you’re decluttering, decorate a little. Add personal photos and awards in brightly colored frames. A live plant or aromatherapy can reduce stress.
3. Prioritize! Make a To-Do list, and get the most dreaded or most important tasks out of the way first. Delegate any tasks you can. List your goals for the day and the week: what do you need to accomplish and what do you want to accomplish?
4. Do those email notifications interrupt your focus? Turn them off. Designate a time to check and reply to email.
5. A couple physical things to do to keep you relaxed and focused include listening to music and moving around between tasks.
6. Stop multitasking: it actually wastes time instead of saving it.

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