How Many Monitors Do You Use at Work?

I use two monitors would love a third!  Is it a case of ‘the more, the merrier?”  There are some compelling reasons to use multiple monitors.

First, having two or more monitors on your desk can make you more productive.  You aren’t spending time scrolling or tabbing; everything is accessible.  Another plus is that of active monitoring. You can have time critical applications, in the case of sales people and their email or stocks for a financial advisor, open on a dedicated monitor.  One final benefit is you can use the multiple monitor screens to help you prioritize your tasks by sorting.

An alternative would be the new ultra-wide monitors on the market.  These allow you to have more monitor ‘real estate’ as well and to use it as if you had multiple monitors in place.  Many are curved and this feature can help reduce eye and neck strain.  Neck strain is a consideration no matter how many monitors you use or what size they are: make sure they are at a comfortable height.


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