Calendars can be super-useful, or super-annoying. See our Tips and Tricks below.
1. Do you have way too many calendars? Get rid of some them. 
• For Google Calendar, go to, Settings, selelct the calendar you want to delete. Remove Calendar, Unsubscribe, then Remove Calendar again.
• For Outlook, right-click the name of the calendar you want to delete, Delete Calendar, Yes.
• For iCloud calendars,, select Calendar, Edit (at the bottom of the screen). Select the red button for the calendar you want to remove, Delete.
2. Share a calendar. 
• From the Calendar, go to the Home menu, select Share Calendar.
• Use the drop-down menu to choose the calendar you want.
• Calendar Properties, Add.
• Use Add Users box to select users, Ok
• Go to the Calendar Properties box, select name and decide on the level of access you want to grant them, then Ok.
• S/he will be sent an email. Once they accept, they’ll see your calendar in their calendar list.
3. Create an event without opening a new window. Click New Event, add your details. Or, click on the date and start entering details, even recurring events.
4. Change the theme by clicking on the settings gear, Change Theme. Select the one you like best, and Ok.
5. Multiple time zones? Calendar, Time Zones, Show a Second Time Zone.

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