We’ve been looking for ways to make your use of Microsoft products a little easier. Here are some easy tips to save you time and energy. 

1. Word now has a search bar open when you click on Help. Just type in what you want to do. This is a pretty ingenious.

2. Sometimes when you’ve used Copy & Paste often, your formatting can get jumbled in Word. Remove all formatting on selected text by using CTRL + Space Bar or the Eraser symbol.

3. Look up a synonym or antonym by highlighting the desired word, then right click, Synonyms, Thesaurus, or Shift + 7, on Windows machines. For Mac, right click or CTRL + click on a word.

4. Shift + F5 will find any recently edited words, or the last section you were working on if you have just reopened the document.

5. Add a hyperlink with Insert > Hyperlink from the menu or CTRL + K in selected text. Use CMD + K on a Mac.

6. Select text easily. Left click the mouse once to select a character, twice to select a word, or three times to select a paragraph. To select an entire document, use CTRL + A on a Windows machine or CMD + A on a Mac. 

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