PowerPoint just keeps getting better. Read on to see how your presentations can be amazing.

1. To create contrast, use transparent overlays on images. First, make a rectangle and decide on a color. Right click, and adjust the transparency to your liking, around 20% is usually a good starting point.

2. Crop multiple photos with SmartArt. Simply select your photos, go to Picture Tools Format, Picture Layout, choose a SmartArt layout. CTRL+SHIFT+G to ungroup. 

3. Build prototypes and hyperlink from any object to other slides. 

4. Use the Notes Pages panel for detailed notes to use as handouts.

5. Have your images to go the edges. Scale, don’t stretch, and crop your inserted photo. Put any text in a semi-transparent shape and contrast the color.


Source: elearningart.com/blog/powerpoint-tips/

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