Microsoft Office Series: Excel

Here are a few helpful tips on using Excel.

1. You can use the Status Bar at the bottom of the page for more than summarizing a list of numbers. When you right-click on it, you can add the minimum or maximum in a range, for example. 

2. To find something quickly in your spreadsheet, use the following shortcuts:
*CTRL + End, to find the furthest cell with data
*CTRL + Home, to go to the start
*CTRL + Arrows to go the furthest right, left, top, and bottom.

3. Find specific cells with Go To feature which is similar to Find in Word. 
*Select the data range, or CTRL + A to select everything.
*Find EDIT on the Home tab near the top right.
*Select Go To.
*Enter a value, word, or other elements from the special tab.

4. Create a Macro for automated tasks later.
*File, Options, Customize Ribbon, Main, Developer, Ok.
*Click the new Developer tab, Record Macro.
*Next name the macro and make a shortcut.
*Complete your task, then click Stop Recording. 

5. Built a table.
*Highlight your data.
*Go to Insert tab, click Table, and a border will appear around your data. Say Ok. 
*You can easily customize your table now. 


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