From the Simon Personal Communicator to iPhone to Google to Samsung, the ‘smart phone’ has been a game changer for personal and business communications since the early 1990’s. We’ve come to love them, become addicted to them, and we’ve come to need them.

With little improvements as of late, demand has started to fall. Prices still continue to increase, however. But we can remember from Econ 101 that this type of model won’t last long—something has to give. Demand will fall further and further, which began in 2017 and continued through 2018 until the market price point is found.

There are over 14 billion ‘smart devices’ in our homes, cars, and offices now. Many of the apps we’ve come to rely on from our phones are now available elsewhere. Car infotainment, voice activated devices controlled by a hub, and wearables are all becoming popular and offer an alternative to smart phones, at least in a way. Many smart phone users are realizing they don’t need to upgrade every year, especially at the higher price point.

So, what do you think? Will you continue to buy smart phones? What do you think is on the horizon?


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