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understanding healthcare

Every vertical market has unique needs and challenges and this is especially true for healthcare. Healthcare providers may see dozens of patients across multiple offices every day and system resilience is a HIPAA mandate.

Compliance measures further complicate the everyday challenges of simply seeing patients. Add to that, the security and privacy measures that must be taken to protect patient information and IT Providers quickly realize that providing services for healthcare providers may be more than they were equipped to handle.

PAXIS Healthcare Services: PAXIS understands and conforms to HIPAA guidelines. We even have unique solutions for HIPAA / HITECH compliance that make the complex regulations easier and less burdensome to your staff. We’ve worked with several large healthcare providers in not only creating a resilient IT infrastructure, but one that takes the law into account. Don’t assume that every IT provider is the same. HIPAA compliance is more than just signing a Business Associate Agreement with your IT provider. They need to be aware of the special requirements that supporting your practice will entail. When you are ready to partner with an IT Provider that understands healthcare, give us a call at 865-588-9823.

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