Backup Tips for Small Businesses


Servers and PCs can crash at any time. Hacks occur every minute and the bad actors hijack your files. This is why backups are so important.  If your business is out of commission for a day, a week, or more, your bottom line could be severely impacted.  Here are some tips to keep you up and running.


  1. There are three ways to backup your files. Internal (onsite), External (removable drive), and Offsite (offsite server or cloud).  All have advantages and disadvantages.  You likely will want to use two or all three types.
  2. Encrypt, encrypt, encrypt.
  3. Different types of data files need to be stored in different ways. Work with your IT management team to make certain everything is backed up correctly.
  4. Data recovery takes time, from days to weeks. Don’t get caught without reliable backups. 

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